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Graduate research is at at the core of the Swale Lab.  Current graduate students have diverse projects in ion channel physiology, insecticide toxicology, virus-vector interactions, and molecular genetics. Students present their findings yearly at national and international meetings.  For a description of our research visit our “research” and “publications” webpages and for pictures of our research team at meetings and other gatherings please visit “gallery.

The Swale Lab is currently recruiting hard working and dedicated students with interests in entomology, infectious diseases, and physiotoxicology.  There are many advantages to enrolling in graduate school at Louisiana State University, which include excellent faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, a broad curriculum, diverse and active graduate student body, and wide ranging scientific skillsets, all in a vibrant city centrally located between Louisiana marshes and thick deciduous forests of Northern Louisiana.

Currently, available projects are focused around insect physiology, toxicology, and virus-vector interactions that include studies into cellular-mediated immune responses in the mosquito hemocoel, regulation of host-derived proteins driving horizontal transmission, and development of ion transporters as new insecticide targets .

Students interested in joining the Swale Lab are encouraged to inquire via email at

South Louisiana and LSU

LSU is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is the capitol city of Louisiana and is centrally located between the beaches of Florida, the mountains of Tennessee, and the great state of Texas. Louisiana is nicknamed “Sportsmans Paradise” and for good reason. The inshore and offshore fishing rivals some of the best fishing destinations across the world, is home to the goose and duck hunting capitols of the world, and has thousands of miles of bayous that are filled with American Alligators, resident and migrant birds, and other wildlife.

LSU and South Louisiana are no stranger to a good festivities with annual parades and parties celebrating world famous holidays, such as Mardi Gras, in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, which is only 60 miles from campus. Of course, no festivity in South Louisiana is complete without Crawfish Boils, Fish Frys, or Oyster shucking all caught from Louisiana waters.

LSU athletics are NCAA D1 programs that compete at the nations highest level with tailgating for football, basketball, and baseball being “must attend” events.

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